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Micah Teixeira

Micah Teixeira

Nomad Marketing Associate

After travelling the world for over 14 years on 6 continents, it was clear to me that enjoying our amazing planet wasn’t simple wasn’t enough. Being fortunate enough to have experienced so much wonder on earth, I was inspired to become more than just a traveller. The devastating effect, we as humans have on the world, I saw firsthand among the vastly changing landscapes and horrifying endangerment and extinction of so many species. It’s not enough to sit back and talk about change, it needs to come from ourselves first. Realizing this I began volunteering with animal rescue and rehabilitation to make a small positive difference for these innocent lives. I had long been passionate about animals and it was the area I wanted to help in most. 

Soon after I founded my own NGO called Beyond the Backpack, to inspire others to not only travel, but to help preserve the beauty that we’ve all enjoyed. Through a travel volunteer program, we strive to have as large as impact as possible by providing our wildlife sanctuary partners both time through the volunteers and money.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve been proud to represent Canada on the world stage as a National athlete on the Indoor Hockey Mens Canadian team for the past 14 years. And I continue to do so as long as these old bones can hold me up! Travel is still very much on the cards when our training schedule allows, hoping to inspire others to go beyond the backpack.

Education, Licenses & Designations

BSc. Geosciences – York University