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Holistic Wealth Management

Kismet Wealth Group Corp. is a boutique wealth advisory firm. We serve affluent & high net-worth business owners, professional individuals & their families. Our true holistic-strategy driven approach positions us to engage with a variety of clients in all stages of life & business. We establish a true fiduciary relationship with those we serve and strive to provide unbiased advice tailored to their unique situations.


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Our Process

How It Works

Working with Kismet Wealth Group, our team will take you through the full financial planning process on an annual basis to ensure the integrity of the wealth strategy is maintained as your life evolves.

Establishing and defining the client – planner relationship

Gathering client data including goals and aspirations

Analyzing and evaluating the client’s current financial status

Developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives

Implementing the recommendations

Monitoring the implementation aspect and ongoing management

Victor Godinho - Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor & Principal Broker
Victor Godinho

managing partner &
wealth advisor

Advice From Victor

“Kismet Wealth Group was formed with the vision to help High Net-Worth and Ultra High Net-Worth individuals and families to “enterprise your wealth” through our tailored integrated strategic advisory and implementation model.”


Wealth Management Team

Victor Godinho

Victor Godinho

Managing Partner & Principal Broker

A serial entrepreneur and the go-to financial advisor for holistic wealth management and strategic financial planning.

Sharon Mathew

Sharon Mathew

Associate, Financial Planner

As someone with a keen interest in the field of finance, coupled with my desire to help people, I decided to get into Financial Planning where I get to experience the best of both worlds by helping deliver a person’s financial dreams. I am also a tech geek and in a world which revolves around Big Data, I was able…

Glenn Ting

Glenn Ting

Business Development & Client Care Associate

With a decade of experience working at a prestigious law firm based in downtown Toronto, I excelled at providing efficient and excellent client service. Working closely with colleagues, lawyers, and clients I helped supporting the day to day billing operations in my role as a billing coordinator. I always enjoyed working in a  fast-paced environment, I was able to gain…



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Insurance & Risk Management

The Insurance & Risk Management Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process narrows in on strategies designed to manage our client’s exposure to unexpected financial losses due to death, health issues, property damages and other risks. We understand that we can only control so much in life, and sometimes-unforeseen events can occur, it is important to implement procedures or products to limit the financial hardship caused by such events.

Kismet milestones of the Insurance & Risk Management Module are:

  • Comprehensive insurance policy review
  • Medical assessments of our clients
  • Insurance holdings design and implementation
  • Ongoing risk and insurance reviews

Financial Management

The Financial Management Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process provides a financial dashboard for our clients and their professional team to see where they are currently and where they are headed into the future. The Financial Management Module is integral to the remaining aspects of the clients Kismet Wealth Strategy, as information documented in this module is distilled and analyzed to provide recommendations in other areas of the process. After implementing the recommendations, the Financial Management components are updated and monitored to track performance and effectiveness.

Kismet milestones of the Financial Management Module are:

  • Creation of a Net-Worth Statement
  • Creation of a Cash – Flow Statement
  • Creation of a Family Tree
  • Creation of a Corporation Organizational Chart

Estate Planning

The Estate Planning Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process concentrates on what we feel to be the most important part of the financial planning process. Most of our clients spend the majority of their life working, saving and investing to accumulate wealth. However, most do not discuss once the “what if” topic. What if we died, would our wealth go to our family, not be eaten up by taxes and not held up in legal action. An estate plan look at our clients wills, powers of attorney, trusts, corporations, etc.

Kismet milestones of the Estate Planning Module are:

  • Discuss the your wishes for your wealth
  • Review the tax and legal requirements
  • Structure estate plan based on projected asset values and tax regimes
  • Have the tough conversations around the personal and sentimental wants and needs
  • Execute and monitor the plan for the long-term

No-Fee Business Bank Accounts

Through a partnership with Manulife Bank, the team at Kismet Wealth Group Corp., is pleased to offer High Interest Personal No-Fee Bank account paying 1.10% interest on your first dollar.

Education Planning

Through the Investment Planning Module during the Kismet Wealth Strategy process we also address investing for your children’s education weather it be private school or post secondary school. We evaluate the options available to our clients, and help by maximizing RESPs and other investment options to pay for education in a tax efficient way.


Family Governance & Human Capital

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Charitable & Philanthropy

For affluent individuals contributing back to your community and humanity play a big role in establishing a legacy. As part of our Estate Planning Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy, we discuss options available to our clients to make sizeable contributions to causes that they believe in and also calculate the financial benefits from their donations. Outside of the solely contributing to causes, a lot of our clients look for ways to establish in-house foundations to keep and maintain control over their philanthropic efforts, we advise our clients on the structure and ongoing maintenance of these wishes.

Tax Planning

The Tax Planning Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process centers on our client’s current and future tax liabilities. We work with their tax team to ensure we are integrating their income tax and or way their business pays them income to either minimize or defer income. Outside of earning income, we look at their investments and their investment location. Investment location refers to where we hold investments for the most tax efficient returns, leveraging structures like RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, etc.

Kismet milestones of the Tax Planning Module are:

  • Assessing your income tax liabilities
  • Assessing your business tax liabilities
  • Review of investment portfolio and holdings
  • Integrate other professionals in the process.

Retirement Planning

The Retirement Planning Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process emphasizes on our clients long-term financial well-being after they have stopped working. We believe your retirement lifestyle should be your golden years and do our best to discuss with our clients their vision for retirement. After establishing their vision we quantify this to an annual after tax dollar amount. The biggest risk to a retiree is running out of money, our goal is to set an expectation and deliver for years to come.

Kismet milestones of the Retirement Planning Module are:

  • Establish the vision of your lifestyle in retirement
  • Quantify this lifestyle to a current day dollar amount
  • Build a retirement projection factoring inflation and taxes.
  • Execute on this plan to achieve these projections with ongoing maintenance.


No-Fee High Interest Bank Accounts

Through a partnership with Manulife Bank, the team at Kismet Wealth Group Corp., is pleased to offer High Interest Personal No-Fee Bank account paying 1.50% interest on your first dollar.