Wealth Management

Our boutique advisory firm helps high-net-worth business owners and professionals get the most out of their investments.

What We Do

What Makes Us Different


Our services go beyond what banks and cookie cutter firms can offer you.


We have the skills and experience working with high-net-worth clients, and the results to prove it.


Our attention is laser-focused. Nothing gets in the way of our commitment to your desires.

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Quarterly Meetings


Monthly Meetings


Includes everything listed in Enterprise Your Wealth tier, plus:


Structure your assets and liabilities optimally. We’ll also help with tax minimization, and the efficient transfer of your estate that lives up to your mission, values and goals.


Our integrated planning services include:


  • Tax and estate planning
  • Business transition planning
  • Ownership structure advice
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial independence capital planning
  • Education planning
  • Financing

Get tax-efficient preservation and growth of your investment assets. We leverage best-in-class global strategies, strategic asset allocation, rigorous due diligence on managers and their selection, and impact investing.


Our investment management services include:


  • Investment policy development
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Tactical asset allocation shifts
  • Manager search and selection
  • Performance measurement
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Income distribution
  • Impact Investing

*all investment services provided by Victor Godinho via Kismet Wealth Securities which is a registered trademark of Designed Securities Ltd.

Understand the potential impact of various risks and events in your life on the capital of your family. We’ll deploy measures to mitigate any potential risks integrating asset protection, and insurance with trust and estate planning.

Our risk management services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Asset protection
  • Insurance planning
  • Tax risk management
  • Charity due diligence

Foster a common set of values across generations. Make a difference in your community and the world-at-large by leveraging our best practices. 


Our strategic philanthropy services include:


  • Mission, values and objective development
  • Tax-effective gift planning
  • Charity due diligence

Focus on your family and let us deal with the paperwork and other tasks, such as the preparation of tax returns, bookkeeping, and maintaining critical documentation. 

Our family administration services include:

  • Tax preparation
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Bill payment
  • Cash management
  • Payroll management
Why Wealth Management

Why Enterprise Wealth Management?

By treating your personal finance like a business, we leverage our skills and technology to build systems and processes to secure your family’s legacy. Here are some of the benefits that our clients experience with the enterprise wealth management model.

  • High transparency
  • Strong fiduciary relationship
  • Integrated open architecture
  • Creative solutions
  • Focused strategy and advisory
  • Overall professional service
  • Value-driven choicemaking
The Process

Get a Look at Our Process

After our initial consult, we’ll establish and define our relationship with you.

We take the time to get to know your goals, then we evaluate your financial status to make sure we’re the right fit.

Enjoy a sit down with us as we provide essential recommendations and alternatives.

We’ll implement the agreed-upon recommendations, and monitor every aspect during ongoing management.

the Big Picture

The Whole Package

We believe every aspect of your wealth is connected. Which is why our model offers clients the whole package, not just a single service.