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Tax Filing & Bookkeeping

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Tax Filing & Bookkeeping

As part of our commitment to holistic wealth management and client demographic being primarily business owners, we have noticed the lack of integration between their business and personal affairs. This disconnect led our leadership team to bring in house accounting back office services to help our clients from end to end.


Tax Filing & Bookkeeping

  • Corporate Tax Filings
  • HST Filings
  • Payroll Management
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Notice to Readers
  • Tax Consulting and Projections


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Creative Solutions
Integrated Tax Planning
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Our Process

How It Works

As we onboard our corporate class clients we discuss the opportunity for Kismet Wealth Group to handle their day to day corporate accounting and tax planning. Our team will onboard each clients operating corporations, holding corporations, trusts etc., to our platform and provide monthly bookkeeping service, financial analysis and tax advisory.

Onboard clients to our accounting platform

Complete monthly bookkeeping

Complete monthly payroll and HST filings

Provide quarterly reporting

Complete quarterly financial analysis

Compile trail balances for annual tax filings

Glenn Ting - Associate Bookkeeper
Glenn Ting

Associate Bookkeeper

Advice from Glenn

“As a business owner, you will never know the health of your business if you don’t ‘know your numbers’. Taking the time to know your numbers empowers you to make better business decisions.”


Wealth Management Team

Victor Godinho

Victor Godinho

Managing Partner & Principal Broker

A serial entrepreneur and the go-to financial advisor for holistic wealth management and strategic financial planning.

Sharon Mathew

Sharon Mathew

Associate, Financial Planner

As someone with a keen interest in the field of finance, coupled with my desire to help people, I decided to get into Financial Planning where I get to experience the best of both worlds by helping deliver a person’s financial dreams. I am also a tech geek and in a world which revolves around Big Data, I was able…

Glenn Ting

Glenn Ting

Business Development & Client Care Associate

With a decade of experience working at a prestigious law firm based in downtown Toronto, I excelled at providing efficient and excellent client service. Working closely with colleagues, lawyers, and clients I helped supporting the day to day billing operations in my role as a billing coordinator. I always enjoyed working in a  fast-paced environment, I was able to gain…



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Investment Planning

The Investment Planning Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process focuses on creating the most efficient, risk adjusted portfolios tailored to our clients investment experience, attitudes, objectives, time horizons and risk tolerance. Our holistic assessment goes beyond traditional investment vehicles like stocks, bonds and cash to include alternative asset classes like Real Estate, Private Equity, Gold, and other assets.

Kismet milestones of the Investment Planning Module are:

  • Detailed Documentation of current holdings and holding structures
  • Completion of an Investor Profile Risk Tolerance Report
  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Access to best-in-class asset managers.

Education Planning

Through the Investment Planning Module during the Kismet Wealth Strategy process we also address investing for your children’s education weather it be private school or post secondary school. We evaluate the options available to our clients, and help by maximizing RESPs and other investment options to pay for education in a tax efficient way.

Retirement Planning

The Retirement Planning Module of the Kismet Wealth Strategy process emphasizes on our clients long-term financial well-being after they have stopped working. We believe your retirement lifestyle should be your golden years and do our best to discuss with our clients their vision for retirement. After establishing their vision we quantify this to an annual after tax dollar amount. The biggest risk to a retiree is running out of money, our goal is to set an expectation and deliver for years to come.

Kismet milestones of the Retirement Planning Module are:

  • Establish the vision of your lifestyle in retirement
  • Quantify this lifestyle to a current day dollar amount
  • Build a retirement projection factoring inflation and taxes.
  • Execute on this plan to achieve these projections with ongoing maintenance.