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Asset Management

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Asset Management

Kismet Asset Management Corp. is a privately held boutique investment firm specializing in alternative real estate and private equity investments. Kismet Asset Management’s team brings 10 plus years of investment research, capital markets, asset management, risk management and real estate and mortgage lending underwriting experience.


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Melanie Buchhorn

Partner &
Head of Investments

Advice from Melanie

“Our open architecture platform allows us to build our client portfolios with traditional stocks and bonds, but also with alternatives such as real estate, infrastructure and private equity investment options.”


Wealth Management Team

Victor Godinho

Victor Godinho

Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor & Principal Broker

A serial entrepreneur and the go-to financial advisor for holistic wealth management and strategic financial planning.

Melanie Buchhorn

Melanie Buchhorn

Partner & Head of Investments

Melanie brings over half a decade of institutional and alternative investment management experience coupled with a natural entrepreneurial spirit to every client.

Safi Khan

Safi Khan

Associate Bookkeeper

An experienced accounting professional with over a decade of experience servicing clients, working as an in house staff accountant and finance manager.



Best in Class Asset Managers

Partners & Associations

Reach your destiny.

Adeya Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation

Adeya Capital MIC’s Class “B” shares have a target yield of 9.5% and represent ownership in a diversified, professionally managed, residential mortgage portfolio. Each residential mortgage is secured by the real estate underlying the mortgage. The shares offer a unique combination of high, consistent returns, managed risk, and the ability to pay a regular quarterly income that compares favourably to other types of fixed income investments and other types of investment options available today.

All shares are eligible for RRSPs, TFSAs, and other registered accounts of your choosing.

Portfolio Design & Investment Management

Each individual has different goals, objectives, constraints and risk tolerances. Work with one of our advisors to build an efficient portfolio to achieve consistent personalized returns to reach your goals. After we build your portfolio allocation we then implement with best in class asset managers. Once your portfolio is deployed, our team will manage the ongoing aspects and rebalance the portfolio based on the changes that come in the market and life.

Robo-Advisory Services

If you are looking for a hands off approach investment plan, please try our robo-advisor model with our partner WealthSimple Inc.


Grey Bruce Developments Corp.

A private placement opportunity was structured by Kismet Wealth Group’s asset management team to invest in the acquisition of 4 land sites and development of 4 single-family homes for resale. Kismet clients were involved in the project for 18-24 months, and earned a yield of 10% net of fees on their initial investment.